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Kate Spade Spring 2011 Collection
Kate Spade's spring 2011 collection is full of variety. Whether it be color, style, shape, or size, there is a variation of Kate Spade product has to offer. Spring brings a couple new bags to the racks. There is a newspaper clutch or pineapple purse for those faithful followers that are always looking for a little fun on the side!

TREND: The Kate Spade The Journal Newspaper Clutch

This hobo look started in Tokyo recently and has now spread to the United States. I think it's adorable and very unique.

The clutch is lined in red and closes magnetically to look more like a rolled-up newspaper than I would have previously thought possible for a handbag, and with such a reasonable price, I may be adding one to my collection shortly. Buy through Kate Spade for $125.

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