Juicy Paws

So this Valentines Day I received the best gift..

Her name is Stella. A teacup yorkie. Spoiled. Wild. Trendy
Being a new pet owner now all I want to do is find new things to purchase for her! Juicy Couture is known to have some great items to style up your pooch!
I found on the hottest attire and accessories for your puppy!

Here are some in my shopping cart..

Let's Hang Out and Make Pretty

"Kensie is inspired by a modern girl trying to make her way through life.
Girls that change their mind, change their clothes, change their look all the while figuring it out. Chaos and the messiness of life and knowing it’s all okay.
Inspired by that girl who seems to have just thrown on a look and looks pretty awesome, like a model running through the streets of Paris, LA, or New York going from runway show to runway show.
Pretty thrown together."


These are some of my favorites for the warm weather right around the corner!

DKNY: Combines Nuetrals with Splash of Color

A lot of the Spring 2011 collections are featuring pastels and pale neutrals over and over again: white, off-white, ivory, cream, ect.. But I adore Donna Karan's Spring 2011 collection with neutrals of substance. Black, navy blue, khaki, and milk chocolate brown is in her color palette. Spring 2011 for DKNY is filled with three-quarter length sleeved blazers, cropped dress pants, flirty skirts and dresses, silk blouses, belts tied in bows, and silk kerchiefs draped around the neck.

The navy blue and khaki, turquoise and shades of coral are used as pops of color interspersed throughout the collection. Turquoise and coral are essentially complimentary colors, and the contrast and spark each color provides is fresh, yet different for each look. Props to the DKNY collection for presenting fresh looks and exuding an attitude that is both professional and flirty.

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Kate Spade Spring 2011 Collection
Kate Spade's spring 2011 collection is full of variety. Whether it be color, style, shape, or size, there is a variation of Kate Spade product has to offer. Spring brings a couple new bags to the racks. There is a newspaper clutch or pineapple purse for those faithful followers that are always looking for a little fun on the side!

TREND: The Kate Spade The Journal Newspaper Clutch

This hobo look started in Tokyo recently and has now spread to the United States. I think it's adorable and very unique.

The clutch is lined in red and closes magnetically to look more like a rolled-up newspaper than I would have previously thought possible for a handbag, and with such a reasonable price, I may be adding one to my collection shortly. Buy through Kate Spade for $125.